This site is dedicated to the accumulation of knowledge and information on Beer and Home Brewing. I am The Great Maibock Addict, and am a 25 year veteran of homebrewing. I helped found the Defiant Homebrewers club that now meets at Defiant Brewing Company in Pearl River with my brew buddy Mike and former Mountain Valley and Ramapo Valley Head Brewer (among others), and owner/head brewer Neill Acer of said Defiant Brewing Company. Mike and I have won three categories in the World Hombrew Competition, including being finalists in 1997 allowing us to brew in Boston on the Sam Adams pilot system.
I will be adding tips and methods for homebrewers here in the creation of this web site. 

This site is not about the regurgitation of published information that can be found on line or in books. It is about my experience with that information, and hopefully will shed light on making the best beer possible. 

There is a plethora of misinformation out there leading homebrewers astray. The methods herein are old school, and represent what works best or a procedure that should be followed because it produces the best results. Any corner cutting idea should be researched before being tried, as most may sound good and make beer, but they generally do not make really good beer.

Check out the recipe section for recipe ideas and guidelines. All the recipes and guidelines are what I know works.

For those who like to dry hop but do not want the hassle, check out the bottle hopping section. It works!

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