Belgian Abbey Dubbel

I have always loved rich and strong Belgian ales, especially Dubbels, that have huge fruity flavors, but not quite the punch of a Quad. I had learned that Special B is a key ingredient for adding some raisiny undertones. The color is also amazing.

Grain Bill:   10 lbs Avangard Pils malt
                    1 lb Special B
                    1 oz Styrian Goldings hops (Mash)
Hops:           29 IBU's (in this case, Perle, 7.5 alpha)
Belgian candi sugar: 1.5 lb table sugar, disolved in a small amount of water, cooked with an addition of Acid Blend until water boils off and temp rises above 250 degrees on low heat. In this case, I cooked the sugar until it obtained a little bit of an amber color. The liquid is added directly to kettle at the beginning of the boil. Or simply add 1.5 lbs amber Belgian candi sugar to the boil.
Irish Moss or other clarifier : 15 minutes left in boil
White Labs Trappist Ale Yeast, with active and robust starter.

Mash in at 120F and hold for 10-15 minutes (dough-in, use just enough water to wet the grains)
Raise temperature slowly up to 150 F and hold 45 mins. I do this in steps, where there is a rest in between where I take a temperature measurement, and hold for 5-10 minutes before adding more water to get the temperature up to 150. Then the temp was raised to 160 ish for 10 minutes to assure complete conversion.  Finish by raising the temperature to around 170F. Sparge and collect around 6 gallons of wort.

As the wort comes to a boil, add the hot liquid candi sugar. Boil for 15 minutes, then add bittering hops. Boil for 75 minutes and add irish moss or clarifying pellet. Boil another 5 minutes and add the cooling coil to the pot for sanitization. Boil 10 more minutes, cool and transfer to carboy. Aerate (we use a stone). Pitch the starter.

Fermentation usually takes about 1 week, give or take a day depending on temperature. The cooler the longer. Transfer to secondary at this time and let sit another week.  My method is to bottle at this time with one and a quarter cups of malt extract (DME).

OG: Approx 17.9 Plato

1) Any quality pils malt will do, but the Avangard increases yield do another pound may be required to hit target OG
2) I am using water in the 70-100 ppm solids range.
3) I do recommend having some acid blend on hand as well as common table sugar in bulk. You never know when you may want to add some Belgian candi sugar, and making your own is cheaper, and easy to do. Cook it longer to make it darker if desired.