Bottle Hopping

Now here is something that I have used with great success: Bottle Hopping!
This addictional step provides an extra layer of hop oils for the bottle, that will be a noticeable bonus. Boil the malt extract priming sugar as usual, and turn the flame off, add the desired amount of hops, and let steep for about 10 minutes with the lid on. Pour into the bottling bucket through a sanitized strainer (steaming for a bit of time works well). Rack on top of the hoppy wort and bottle. The hops come through fresh, and the amount of time it takes to add the hop flavor to the beer is minimal. Use hops with high hop oil content. An ounce is fine, and make certain the are fresh. I have only used pellets thus far, and am not sure if whole leaf will work as of yet as the pellets have crushed glands and whole leaf does not. I have stepped it up to 2 oz in a few latest batches, but I am still experimenting to see if there is an increase in hop character over 1 oz (high hop oils of course). The issue being: Is the priming wort saturated? am I wasting hops? More to come...

I have done several batches this way now and the fresh hop character achieved is basically the same as dry hopping. Neill Acer while sampling one of my latest IPA's while at his brewery even asked if it was dry hopped.

This concept can be carried over to kegging as well. If a brewer is inclined to save a little CO2 and add a bit of priming sugar to the keg, the same procedure can be used as above to give a charge of hops to a keg (just make sure you follow keg priming procedures and use the proper amount of DME!).