Chocolate Raz Stout

Once a year I head out into the woods to collect raspberries. Then it is time to make a fun brew. This go-around I made this big 'ol stout. I used the berries in the mash, as it infuses a pleasing flavor throughout the brew without overwhelming the finished product, adding a pleasing raspberry tang to the flavor and even a bit in the aroma. Large quantities of dark malts make the beer taste of chocolate and raspberries!
Grain Bill:    12 lbs Avangard Pale Malt.
                     1.5 lbs Golden Promise malt
                     1 lb Roasted Barley
                     3/4 lb Chocolate Malt
                     3 lbs pureed raspberries in the mash         
Hops:          25 IBU's worth of a hop of the brewer's choice for bittering
                     We used 1/2 oz German Magnum 14.2 AA                   

We re-pitched White Labs Edinburgh Ale Yeast, but any yeast can be used with good results.

Mash in at 120F and hold for 10-15 minutes (dough-in, use just enough water to wet the grains)
Raise temperature slowly up to 155 F using remaining water and hold until conversion is complete. I usually do this in steps, where there is a rest in between where I take a temperature measurement, and hold for 5-10 minutes before adding more water to get the temperature up to 155. Once at this temperature get the sparge water ready. Time the final temperature increase with the sparge water becoming ready, with mash out being around 170F.
Collect about 6.5 gallons total of wort in the brew kettle.

Boil for 15 minutes, then add bittering hops. Boil for 80 minutes and add the cooling coil to the pot for sanitization. Boil last 10 minutes, cool and transfer to carboy. Aerate (we use a stone). Pitch the starter.

Fermentation takes about a couple weeks. It is helpful to use a carboy for fermentation so as to be able to observe fermentation activity. After 2 weeks, even if there is still activity, transfer to secondary to get beer off of the dead yeast. Bottle when ready.

OG was 20.6 Plato and worked well

1) A good Maris Otter malt may be used as the base with excellent results. We used what was on hand, and either the Avangard or the Golden promise may also be the sole base malt.