First Wort Hopping

Another technique for adding flavor and aroma to beer is to add a portion of the bittering hops to the wort while the wort is being collected. As with mash hopping, it is thought that oils will bind with proteins and carry through the entire process without being lost. This seems to eliminate some of the less pleasant molecules in the hops, while leaving behind the more desired molecules. The hops then would be boiled and alpha acid untilization would take place. FWH also will contribute to reducing the chance for a boil over.

This technique is something that came from the old German way of brewing, and it may be noted that German Pilsners are often brewed with this technique and the result is preferred over the standard way of brewing.

I have not used this method as of yet, but it is suggested that 10% of the total amount of bittering hops can be added to the wort as it is being collected, as a starting point. This can be increased to 30% or more and experimented with to varrying degress and adjusted to taste as more batches are made.

More info to come on this topic after experimentation is completed....