Sorachi Ace IPA

Sorachi Ace is one of the highest hop oil content hops on the market. This hop as a hop oil content range of 2.8-3.2%, which is the highest low end of a range and second highest high end. This hop has a rounder character more remeniscent of noble hops. Was told by another brewer that there are notes of the herb Time. This hop is not as citrussy or grapefruity as some of the favorite US varieties.

Grain Bill:    13 lbs Thomas Fawcett Maris Otter (floor malted)
                      4 oz Sorachi Ace hops in the mash (11.9 Alpha)
Hops:            1 oz 11.9 Alpha Sorachi Ace for 90 minute boil (16 Plato pre-boil) 57 IBI
                      1/4 oz 15 Alpha Warrior for 90 minute boil 15 IBU (72 IBU total)
                      2 oz Sorachi Ace hops for Bottle hopping
Irish Moss or other clarifier : 15 minutes left in boil
White Labs English Ale Yeast (this was re-pitched from previous batch)

Mash in at 120F and hold for 10 minutes (dough-in, use just enough water to wet the grains)
Raise temperature slowly up to 155 F using remaining water and hold until conversion is complete. I add water to raise the temperature, and after each addition I allow the temperature to stabilize for 10 minutes. Once at 155 get the sparge water ready. Time the final temperature increase with the sparge water becoming ready, with mash out being around 170F. Sparge and collect around 6 gallons of wort.

Boil for 15 minutes, then add bittering hops. Boil for 75 minutes and add irish moss or clarifying pellet. Boil another 5 minutes and add the cooling coil to the pot for sanitization. Boil another 10 minutes, cool and transfer to carboy. Aerate (we use a stone). Pitch the starter.

Fermentation usually takes about a week, give or take. Transfer to secondary at this time and let sit another week. I prefer bottling, using one and a quarter cups of malt extract. This one was bottle hopped with 2 oz Sorachi Ace hops.

OG 18.2 Plato (we did add some water at the end of the boil)

Tasting Notes: The beer comes out malty with in your face hop character. The hops were still strong when a bottle was tasted after 5 months! Hop character is well rounded with a pleasant aroma and flavor. Will make this one again (and have!)