Scottish Wee Heavy

I had not brewed a Scottish Wee Heavy in years, and never using all grain. This recipe I put together through my own experience combined with reading other recipes online and in magazines and books. I finally got my hands of some Golden Promise malt, which is the proper malt for this style. I did not want to mask the Golden Promise by adding copious amounts of crystal malts that I have seen in most Wee Heavy recipes. The GP malt has a very delicious character all its own, and in quantity provides a sufficient backbone on its own. It seems that roasted barley is a component in all the recipes I have seen or used, so that is in this one as well. This beer is an absolute malt bomb, with a delicious flavor.

Grain Bill:    15.5 lbs Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise Malt.
                     1/4 lb  roasted barley
                      1/4 lb 80 lov crystal malt
                      I used 1 1/2 oz of a blend of hops when I made this recipe, but use that quantity   any English hops will work fine
Hops:          25 IBU's worth of a hop of the brewer's choice for bittering, we used German     Magnum

Irish Moss or other clarifier : 15 minutes left in boil
White Labs Edinburgh Yeast, and a starter culture.

Mash in at 120F and hold for 10-15 minutes (dough-in, use just enough water to wet the grains)
Raise temperature slowly up to 155 F using remaining water and hold until conversion is complete. I usually do this in steps, where there is a rest in between where I take a temperature measurement, and hold for 5-10 minutes before adding more water to get the temperature up to 155. Once at this temperature get the sparge water ready. Time the final temperature increase for when sparge water is close to sparge temperature, with mash out being around 170F. Sparge and collect around 6 gallons of wort. Note that I used an big igloo cooler for this batch, and pulled off portions of the mash and raised the temp to 200F (no boil) and added it back to the mash to raise the temp to mash out level of 170F.

Boil for 15 minutes, then add bittering hops. Boil for 75 minutes and add irish moss or clarifying pellet. Boil another 5 minutes and add the cooling coil to the pot for sanitization.  Boil 10 more minutes, cool and transfer to carboy. Aerate (we use a stone). Pitch the starter.

Fermentation took a couple weeks to complete, as this one was big. Transfer to secondary at this time and let sit another week. I prefer bottling, using one and a quarter cups of malt extract. The beer fully carbonated within a week.

OG for this batch was 22.3 plato, and an ABV well up over 8%, maybe closer to 9.

1) This recipe is all about the malt. I would only consider substituting quality maris otter for the golden promise, but try the golden promise as it is truer to style.
2) The 1.5 oz of hops may also be added with 10 mins left in the boil if desired.
3) I am using water in the 70-100 ppm solids range.